5 things every bookkeeper should know about online marketing

If you’re a bookkeeper, then you should be well aware that the age of digital marketing is upon us, and sadly we all have to adapt. Like it or love it, there’s a lot of digital to go around- it’s time you took your slice of the pie.

What’s worked for bookkeepers in the past?

The focus of small business marketing for bookkeepers in that past has always been networking and referrals. These are, indeed, powerful strategies for client acquisition, and particularly work well for small companies who do not have the time and budget for large scale advertising. Newspaper and classified listings were likely the other strategies tried. These are all, of course, good methods. However, with the rapid advent of the digital landscape, other options are available, and it’s foolish not to exploit these avenues to maximise your revenue.

It doesn’t stop at having a website.

Many seem to think that ‘having a website’ is all they need. It’s far from that. Firstly, most people do not have the right sort of web design. A website shouldn’t simply be a list of services you offer. It should be a tool to help establish you as a credible entity in the bookkeeper market. The design needs to be pleasant- a modern and clean design is enough, no need for a circus. It needs to establish certifications and affiliations you hold, and the copy needs to be professionally written. Personalisation, balanced nicely, makes you feel like a human entity, and your contact details should be easy for the client to access.

Other digital avenues to explore.

Let’s face it- google is god when it comes to the search arena. Good SEO– or the ability for google to adequately scan and rank your site- is essential if you hope to make it onto the radar when it comes to people’s searches. Use reputable online directories, GoogleMyBusiness, and good website copy to maximise your chances. Targeted google ads and a good blog will help put you on the radar too. Yes, you are a bookkeeper not a digital wizard, but a little work will go a long way.

Email marketing is an effective online marketing tool too, if you put the right work into it. A client newsletter that synchronises with your blog can be a great way to start. The idea is to make yourself stand out in an oversaturated market. Social Media can also be a great way to achieve this.  Social Media seems like a great time waster, but used the right way can cultivate a lot of user trust and visibility. For a professional, LinkedIn is probably one of the best ways to expand your network and make a name for yourself. Complete your profile totally for the best results.

Used correctly, digital spaces can be a great way for a bookkeeper to advertise and stand out from the crowd, as well as enhance their visibility and reach more users each month.