Three Useful Apps for Tracking Car Expenses

If driving your car is an important component of your work, you’ll know how important it is to keep meticulous records of mileage, use and maintenance. Your company might reimburse you directly for those costs or you might claim them as legitimate business expenses on your tax return each year. Keeping track of this information is a chore at best but there are great tools out there to help you be succesful in your record-keeping endeavors.

For tracking mileage and fuel consumption, there are several apps from which to choose. MileIQ tracks all the miles driven in your vehicle and offers the capability to classify them by cataegories and run reports that show cost. Hurdlr does a whole lot more than track miles although it does do that exceedinly well. It also keeps track of other business expenses and possible tax deduction information that you’ll be thankful for come tax day. QuickBooks also offers its own version of a tracking app for car expenses with the “Self-employed” version of its software.

Many companies not only reimburse you for mileage driven, but they also reimburse you for wear and tear on your car. If your company doesn’t reminburse for these costs, be sure you keep good records so that you can utilize these costs as deductions next time you file taxes. There are apps that track these efforts too. Be sure to get all the scheduled maintenance performed on your car as required to ensure many more miles on the road. You can keep on top of suggested maintenance for your specific make and model at You can also use the site to find a reputable and trustworthy mechanic in your area. For tracking maintenance, check out Autosist, aCar, Car Expenses and Tourqu Pro. Each offers a little something different but all will help you keep track of costs associated with regular maintenance and repair required on your vehicle.