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If driving your car is an important component of your work, you’ll know how important it is to keep meticulous records of mileage, use and maintenance. Your company might reimburse you directly for those costs or you might claim them as legitimate business expenses on your tax return each year. Keeping track of this information is a chore at best but there are great tools out there to help you be succesful in your record-keeping endeavors.

For tracking mileage and fuel consumption, there are several apps from which to choose. MileIQ tracks all the miles driven in your vehicle and offers the capability to classify them by cataegories and run reports that show cost. Hurdlr does a whole lot more than track miles although it does do that exceedinly well. It also keeps track of other business expenses and possible tax deduction information that you’ll be thankful for come tax day. QuickBooks also offers its own version of a tracking app for car expenses with the “Self-employed” version of its software.

Many companies not only reimburse you for mileage driven, but they also reimburse you for wear and tear on your car. If your company doesn’t reminburse for these costs, be sure you keep good records so that you can utilize these costs as deductions next time you file taxes. There are apps that track these efforts too. Be sure to get all the scheduled maintenance performed on your car as required to ensure many more miles on the road. You can keep on top of suggested maintenance for your specific make and model at You can also use the site to find a reputable and trustworthy mechanic in your area. For tracking maintenance, check out Autosist, aCar, Car Expenses and Tourqu Pro. Each offers a little something different but all will help you keep track of costs associated with regular maintenance and repair required on your vehicle.


Give Your Business A Leap With Bookkeepers Melbourne

Hiring high quality Bookkeepers Melbournecan really make a difference in your business, and that is why we selected a step-by-step approach to how you can hire the best professionals and enjoy a huge step forward in your company. Are you ready to succeed? Check it out!

Before hiring, we recommend that you follow these steps, comparing more than an accountant or accounting firm in order to find the most prepared to meet the needs of your company.

Step 1: Check for Registry accountant or accounting firm in the Regional Accounting Council (CRC). This record is required for the trader is legally qualified to practice and Bookkeepers Melbournehave it already!

Step 2: Ask for a detailed offer of services provided and copy of providing accounting services agreement to be signed in the event of hiring. Check the ability to run additional services and the amounts charged separately and, if so, do appear in the contract. is ready to help you and has years of experience in the market.

Give Your Business A Leap With Bookkeepers Melbourne

Step 3: Perform a physical visit to the accounting office. Do not just know the reception and meeting room, ask to see all environments and reap office bookkeepers with explanations.

Step 4: Test communication channels provided. A good office has agile and direct channels of communication with the client, check the response time and availability of care by email, telephone, website and other available forms. Check it out at the site!

Step 5: Review the reporting templates that will be delivered to your company. Assess whether the financial statements that will be generated, tax reporting and payroll meet your needs. If necessary, from now discuss the possibility of adjustments in the reports.

Step 6: See what information you receive periodically. A good accountant and bookkeeper, in addition to periodic information, provides its customers with newsletters, announcements of changes in legislation, communications procedures work, among others.

Step 7: Check which documents and how often you will need to send them to your accountant. It is interesting to establish a joint work agenda, defining the monthly dates for submission of documents and specifically, what are his responsibilities and what are the responsibilities of the counter.

Step 8: Consider system integration, with the implementation of exchange of data between your computer programs and its future counter use.

Step 9: Check the fees charged by the bookkeeper or bookkeeping company you plan on hiring. A good office is often not what is the cheapest fees. However, this may not be a determining factor in choosing the counter. You should review the services provided and meet the needs and demands of your company. To find out if the price is right, you should compare with the other counters performing similar services with the same technical capacity.

Step 10: Trust your experience. The main element in the relationship between you and your accountant is trust. Remember that your accountant will have access to their economic life, and you will continuously exchange confidential information, so it is essential that you feel comfortable and safe with the chosen professional. Professional indication of other entrepreneurs can also be welcome. A good option to find good professionals is to visit!…


Accounting Bookkeeping Software –It's Everywhere

Technology is everywhere and it is clearly impossible to get rid of it anytime soon. Even though some people do not think that accounting and bookkeepers can mix with technology, the world is showing the exact opposite. The online world is expanding and many tools are there to help people and companies, whether we think of the accounting field or not. Accounting bookkeeping software is there to help and companies take advantage of such opportunities to improve their results and save on costs. Are you ready to learn why certain software is so great and how it can be so helpful to your company?

Take a look below and learn how can make your life so much easier!

If you choose to use an online billing software, there are many advantages:

Accounting Bookkeeping Software –It's Everywhere

  1. No need to make facilities and can access it from any device and at any time – saving a lot of time and resources that can be used in other parts of your company or even in the core business;
  2. Easy and intuitive emission budgets, invoices, debit and credit notes, with the assurance that the required fields are filled, making the whole bookkeeping process much easier and safe for the company;
  3. Have the sales documents ordered in the most appropriate way to manage your accounts, preferably with the help of Bookkeepers Melbourne;
  4. Can automatically generate invoices from approved budgets;

5 will have a database of customers and suppliers, so they will not have to enter these elements emitting each time a bill;

  1. The global SAF-T file is automatically prepared, simply export it to notify the Tax Authority;
  2. Your accountant can access your account and to enter data for you, thanks to integration with the best tools to control and manage, a management solution for accounting professionals and solo bookkeepers;
  3. You can track the status of your business to the minute: profits, sales, expenses, and so on;
  4. They have a technical support team online and telephone (free and unlimited), always ready to answer your questions, whether you are a manager or a bookkeeper;
  5. Gain time to focus on what really matters!

Try yourself the advantages of using an online invoicing software. The first 30 days with the Sage One is free and without obligation!

The bottom line!

Online billing software is a great support for those who pounces on the adventure of creating your own business, since not only allow you to control billing, as well as expenses and the tax return. click here for more about online billing software

Online billing software is very easy to use and facilitate your life and work. Have billing days, while accompanying the financial health of your business – all this at any time, simply and intuitively. That is why many companies that offer bookkeeping services such as Bookkeeper Melbourneare able to provide you with the best services and software. They want to see your company grow more and more each passing day! Are you ready to experience the newest and nicest? Get ready!…


QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions - Help With Bookkeeping

Activity that involves planning, analysis and control of accounts, financial management is extremely important for entrepreneurs to be able to view the progress of the company’s cash situation. With the help of Bookkeeper Melbourneand QuickBooks Enterprise you will be able to improve your business and be more successful!

With proper management of the sector – thanks to the help of professional software – you can improve business results framework, and promote the increase in the value of its assets through the generation of net income. If financial management fails, on the other hand, it may be responsible for the failure of a business, especially if it is a consolidation phase, such as a startup company.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions - Help With Bookkeeping

Why QuickBooks is worth it!

It is in this context that the software for financial management can be quite useful:with a practical tool, efficient and easy to use, this system contributes much to secure control of micro and small business accounts and that is why QuickBooks Enterprise is so worth it.How about knowing more benefits of deploying a software for this kind of management? click here for related information.

More accurate and accessible information

The financial statements of a company are often scattered in different databases, arranged in a disorderly manner and difficult to access. The use of small blocks of paper, as opposed to an automated business financial management system, is also common among small and medium entrepreneurs.

Opposed to this diffused array of data, management software, such as QuickBooks Enterprise, provides centralized information and easily accessible to all employees. Furthermore, as the content is stored in one place, the data start to present more accuracy and consistency. With the use of a system, it is also simpler to have a reliable global view of the financial situation of the enterprise, helping from worker to bookkeeper.

Easier to organize expenses

The business financial management program allows the organization of the accounts payable by date, category and cost center. He still you alert when a due date is near. You want to start using such a program? Ask questions about management software here.

Better planning and more efficient strategic analysis

An automated management system helps the entrepreneur to answer important questions, such as “what will be the main financial events next year?” and “what impact the market will cause in my business?”. More organized, accessible and accurate information for manager and bookkeeper, makes it  easier to make an effective planning of finance, as well as elaborate profit-generating strategies for a successful business.

Better access to reports

At the time of making decisions, company performance reports are very important, but are not always arranged in the best way – and may end up turning draft. With an information management system, you can view the results at any time, in addition to analyzing expenses, billing clients and the sales ranking of products.

Knowing the benefits of a financial management software, it is easy to understand why a growing number of companies have chosen to manage their accounts in an automated, reliable and practical. The QuickBook Enterprise helps you go through a 100% online system with low cost, helps micro and small businesses to reach their potential with efficient management of its different sectors.

Aid in inventory controls

Analog spreadsheet inventory control can cause quite a headache. Laborious, they steal precious time from work. The management software, in turn, facilitate and streamline inventory management. Through the system, you can view the status of your stock on a single screen, and automatically increase your deposit to make purchases and issue invoices simply and quickly. If you need help dealing …


Bookkeeping Tasks Are Worth the Rates

In this context, the entrepreneur often sees the bookkeeper just as a professional who will ensure legal compliance with tax obligations and determine taxes, which could lead the company to limit the performance of this incredible professional.

But after all, shouldsmall businesses even botherhiring a bookkeeper?

If you want someone just to take care of the taxes your company, the answer is no. An accounting advisor, or a bookkeeper can really handle this complete service. However, if you’re looking for someone who sees your finances strategically, taking on boardall management, tax and accounting issues, thentheanswer is yes, for sure! click here to read more about accounting issues.

A bookkeeper in the first team member from your company who can go far beyond the taxes, and can help you with:

  • Stock: guiding for excessive or left to facilitate the attraction and retention of working capital. Analyzing and comparing prices and rates of providers to improve the acquisition of stock;
  • Pricing: Calculating all fixed expenses, variable, applying interest rates and planning the necessary profit, the bookkeeper can point you a fair price to sell their services and products;
  • Cash Flow: analyzing input and output of the company’s capital and predicting what the future earnings and expenses in a given period of time;
  • Credit: preparing all the necessary documents of the company to obtain credit and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of certain market credit lines.

There are many advantages of hiring a bookkeeper or even a company such as Bookkeepers Melbournefor small businesses, many of which are manifested in management accounting. Let’s delve into the subject in an upcoming article.

Bookkeeping Tasks Are Worth the Rates

What there is to know about hiringBookkeepers Melbourne

If you expect much more from abookkeeper, you can already start thinking about having a person within your company or even a company that is specialized in many topics, such as Bookkeepers Melbourne. In this case, the function of the bookkeeper should go beyond mere compliance with laws and tax collection. This person should also be responsible for financial intelligence of your company. It should be a person with a broader and more strategic vision of accounting, tax and financial matters, in short, they are your right arm to these issues. Among their roles, we would highlight:

– Tax planning

– Analysis of the company’s performance

– Risk management (labor, tax and financial)

– Compliance with laws and payment of taxes due

So how can help you?

Thebookkeeperthat you want to hire must make it clear whether the benefits provided by such a person outweigh the additional costs. In this sense, the more complex its operation and the more numerous the possibilities of legal arrangements, the more likely the existence of potential benefits of having this intelligence inside.

Finally, the profile desired by a person like that, you should be aware. It should be a dynamic, forward-thinking person who,always seek to upgrade and be alert not only to legislation, but also to business and business context. And most important of all, it must be a person who is confident. Unfortunately,  professionals like this in this market are a minority, but that does not mean you cannot find one – better yet, you have a company that is ready to help! Contact!